DOGS ON CALL is a volunteer-driven organization.

In addition to becoming a volunteer handler as part of a certified Therapy Dog team, there are several volunteer opportunities available with DOGS ON CALL , including:

public relations
DOGS ON CALL provides training for potential Therapy Dogs, tests for several levels of certification, monitors, and schedules placements for DOC Teams (handler + dog) to visit schools, nursing/assisted living facilities, at-risk children’s programs, and youth detention centers, as well as many other venues in the community. DOC Teams with more advanced certifications and training also provide specialized therapy for people in hospitals, mental health and cancer treatment centers, and children’s rehabilitation centers.

The DOC often participates in community events and festivals to promote the Therapy Dog program and its services within the community.

Volunteers may assist DOC Trainers with set up and staffing of informational booths or tables at these events.

Website Development & Social Media

The DOC seeks volunteers to assist with web design and content development as well as social media management and promotions.

Testing Assistants

The DOC often needs volunteers to assist with the final testing phase of the DOC Basic Training Course. Volunteers participate by helping DOC Trainers to mimic the environments experienced at typical DOC Therapy Dog team venues.

If you are unable to volunteer, please consider giving a charitable donation or becoming a corporate sponsor.

If you are interested in supporting DOGS ON CALL as a volunteer in one of these capacities or have other ideas of how you can help, we are always open to suggestions. Please contact us via our online form.