DOGS ON CALL success depends on the humanitarian acts of Charity by Alabama citizens, corporations, and private foundations.

“The willingness to share does not make one charitable; it makes one free.”
Robert Brault
charitable acts
DOGS ON CALL provides training for potential Therapy Dogs, tests for several levels of certification, monitors, and schedules placements for DOC Teams (handler + dog) to visit schools, nursing/assisted living facilities, at-risk children’s programs, and youth detention centers, as well as many other venues in the community. DOC Teams with more advanced certifications and training also provide specialized therapy for people in hospitals, mental health and cancer treatment centers, and children’s rehabilitation centers.

To fulfill its mission, DOGS ON CALL depends mostly on charitable donations.

Out of a genuine concern for the welfare of others, Alabamians across our state have contributed through:

  • Financial Donations
  • Volunteerism
  • Corporate Giving

DOGS ON CALL appreciates everyone’s contributions, but we still need your help.

An Alabama Charity

Charity usually begins at home. For DOGS ON CALL , our home is the Great State of Alabama!

Your charitable donation allows the DOC to provide training for a small fee for Therapy Dog teams and will impact many lives, including residents of nursing and assisted living facilities, people living with disabilities, at-risk, and those who are coping with severe stress and trauma.

Donate Online

Please consider making a charitable, one-time or recurring online donation. Your donation is tax deductible.

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corporate giving

DOGS ON CALL cannot accomplish its mission without the participation of our generous corporate sponsors.

If you or your organization would like to be more intimately involved, or contribute in any way, please contact us through the online form for more information.

DOGS ON CALL is a non-profit, Alabama-based charity with a 501(c)(3) designation.